4 or 5 or 20

by Snuzz

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All Songs © 2013 Britt Harper Uzzell BMI

Written, Arranged, Engineered, Produced and Mastered at home by Britt Harper Uzzell.

Cover Art Skillet Gilmore


released 22 October 2013



all rights reserved


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Snüzz North Carolina

"snuzz has his hand in more interesting projects since 1990 than most anybody else in the state" tim davis, creative loafing

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Track Name: North Carolina, We're Better Than This
North Carolina, We're Better Than This
I grew up here, so i'll confess
we weren't always at our best
but North Carolina, We're Better Than This
North Carolina, We're Better Than This

If we love the kids as we say
why do we strip funds away?
and no increase to teacher's pay
if we love the kids as we say

Corporate welfare, medicaid cut
gerrymander districts but
vote suppression is a sin
and the only way you'll get elected again

We lost the vote
They took control
But we'll, take it back
We'll take it back!
Track Name: Heidi
that's her name
find her
that's my game
i like to play every day
i like to see if i can greet her 'for the sun goes down

that's her name
find her
that's my game
though i can't have her for myself

I see her come a runnin' and she's stunning and she's on my mind
Hug her, love her but she' got another so i wait in line

If i can't be her first love
then i'll be 2 or 3
or 4 or 5 or 20
it's all the same to me
Track Name: Christian Side Hugs
You talk, talk, talk
all this chitter chatter
You talk, talk, talk
it really doesn't matter "bout
The color of your hair
Some feeling in the air
or medical jargon you learned

Interspecies love
Christian Side Hugs
That nursing degree you never earned

I'm not saying you're dumb 'cause you're not
and i always want to listen to you
I'm saying you done hit the spot
and you had to push it right on through
Track Name: The Other Side
It should come as no surprise
everybody's gotta die
When I'm at the end of life
O' my darling, do not cry

The Other SIde
The Other Side
i'll see you on the other side

When I'm on my dyin' bed
When I draw my final breath
I won't be half as scared
'cause I remember what you said

No one knows what lies in wait
No one has a handle on your fate
The one's who say they do have surely lost their way
Every night leads to a brand new day

Oh my love, it's hard to die
Birds are singing in the sky
Love you, but before i go
There's on thing you ought to know
Track Name: I Love To Be Hated
I love to be hated
and looked at with spite
That would just mean
that i did something right

If too many like it
it's probably crap
statistics don't lie
and that one's a fact

No one really wants the best for you
The world would love to see you fail
My job's not done till i offend someone

I love to be hated
'cause people are dumb
It don't get me down
when they don't get my song
It's a badge of honor
they don't understand
I'm not beloved
I'm not in demand

And it's not easy
not knowing where your next meal's coming from
Yeah, it's not easy
Coming up with a bridge to a song

I'd love to be hated 'cause I'll never fit
Into your mold and that's how i like it
Out of bounds, slightly askew
Worn paint with brilliant hues